Good Life Acupuncture - & Holistic Therapies

Thermography Clinics 
using Digital Thermal Imaging/Thermography

NO-RADIATION Breast & Body Screening!  

We continue to offer radiation-free breast and body screenings.  Book early.  
Walk-ins welcome – reservations recommended.   
These clinics are offered four times per year (quarterly). 

Upcoming Clinics:  

April 3
July 17
October 2 

Teen Calmness Clinics 
Mondays:  3/26, 4/16 & 5/21; 
6:30-7:30 PM

Breath work, guided meditation, art and shiatsu are just some of the things we do in this monthly workshop for anxious teens. Dress comfortably and bring a friend to this small gathering. 

Please sign up on line as space is very limited. $10. Attend one or all of the workshops. Don’t wait - these workshops fill up fast. The feedback has been phenomenal! 

Spirits Knocking: Table Tipping
Facilitator:  Cathy Corcoran
Sunday, 3/4, 2-4pm; Workshop Fee: $45

Table tipping is a time-honored tradition of physical mediumship that allows spirits to connect with us lovingly through the table.  Loved ones, pets, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, and even those we knew from past lives have the opportunity to step forward and tap out their heartfelt messages of love and healing to us.  With the intention for the highest good of all, each participant has the opportunity to see-feel-experience spirit communication directly.  The table can tap, flip, hug, spin, dance, stomp, and shimmy with the joy of communicating with us!  

You are invited to open your minds and your hearts and experience an extraordinary experience with Spirit!

Obliterate Back Pain Clinics

Mondays: 3/26 & 4/23
4 - 8 PM, $85

Janet and Sue are teaming up to offer all of you back-pain sufferers some relief and hope!  Our back pain clinics are a one-of-a-kind collaboration of acupuncture, massage therapy, Reiki, cupping, and Chinese Herbal medicine.  We combine our expertise and pain-bashing techniques to offer you lasting and effective back pain relief at a discounted, affordable price. Sessions are 75 minutes.

Here is what you will receive in each session:

  • 30 min acupuncture session;
  • 30 minute Reiki infused massage with Chinese therapeutic oil;
  • Chinese cupping;
  • CBD pain cream application.

Thermography & Nutritional Therapy: Detection, Assessment & Resolution
Monday, 3/19 at 6:30 – 7:30 pm
With Sue Saari, Dipl.Ac., CCT & Cathy Sloan Gallagher, NTP, FDN-P

Attend our FREE information session to learn more about combining Thermography and Nutritional Therapy to detect, assess, and begin resolving digestive distress, liver congestion, or gallbladder dysfunction.  

Thermography is most commonly known as an adjunctive risk assessment for breast exams and playing a significant role in early detection. Did you know that thermography is also used to scan other regions of interest (ROI) in order to detect inflammation and potential dysfunction?

Holistic Nutritional Therapy uses a functional evaluation and lingual-neural testing to assess and balance the “foundations of health” in order to prevent or resolve inflammation. Along with your diet and lifestyle, THE most important foundation you can address to support your health status is your gut. 

Finally, a Cleanse for everyone!

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