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Shiatsu - Happy Feet Sessions!
Three sessions just $90!
Jill is offering three Happy Feet sessions this summer for just $90!  One of her signature sessions - don't miss this opportunity to give your feet the loving care they've earned and deserve!

Must use all 3 sessions by July 31st.  Just $90 for all 3!

Special Wednesday Clinics now through July - 
just $99

Do you often experience digestive distress like bloating, constipation or loose bowels, acid reflux, or nausea? Are you struggling with food sensitivities? Interested in determining which foods are contributing to the problem and which foods will promote healing? From a Chinese Medicine perspective, maybe you need to nourish the Stomach organ-meridian to more effectively absorb and assimilate your food? And to activate and nourish the Spleen organ-meridian to aid in transforming and transporting the nutrients, qi and blood? 
If you’re looking for tips, techniques, and gentle bodywork to aid and sooth the distress, this clinic is for you!

Only $99 for a one-hour session that includes:
• Access to online nutritional assessment 
• Review of results specifically related to digestion 
• Easy-to-follow recipes for gut-healing foods
• Techniques to identify food sensitivities
• Zinc Taste Test to obtain status of zinc sufficiency
• 30-minute shiatsu digestive treatment

Available Wednesdays from 1 - 7pm in June and July.  With Cathy Sloan Gallagher, Nutritional Therapist & Jill Chapman,  Shiatsu Practitioner


For Recovery From Substance Abuse

     Homeopathy helps break the chains of attachment to psychoactive drug use, particularly when a life event has lead to the substance abuse.

     Cheryl Wood is offering FREE/pro-bono help to anyone struggling with substance abuse! If you or anyone you know needs help, please contact Cheryl: 508-331-3739

     A study performed in Boston by Loretta Butehorn, PHD, CCH showed a significant decrease in relapse rates for drug users with homeopathy treatment. After working with Dr. Blutehorn, Cheryl herself witnessed significant progress in many sufferers of Substance Use Disorder which furthered her beliefs in the gentle yet powerful healing of homeopathy.

Package Deals
Because more of good thing ... is a good thing!

We offer PACKAGE PRICING for most of our holistic therapies.  Please see our Services & Fees page for more information.

*** Package Deal Fine Print ***
Package deals must be paid for in full prior to appointment 
scheduling.  Normal office protocols apply:  if you miss an 
appointment or provide less than a 24-hour cancellation, it will 
still be counted and deducted from the prepaid package 
deal appointments!  

There are NO REFUNDS for prepaid package deals.  
Package deals must be used within 6 months of purchase. 
Cannot be combined with any other discount, 
coupon, or special offer.


Our Wellness Bundles can cause extreme joy and relaxation.

We've created wellness bundles for those of you who would like to save money while taking advantage of our many holistic offerings!  

Synergistic healing!  You can experience an accelerated healing process when combining multiple modalities as part of your health strategy. 

We've made it easy AND affordable!  We've bundled four of our most popular 1-hour sessions each of:

  • Reiki / Energy Healing
  • Relaxation Reflexology OR Amethyst
         Biomat Session
  • Shiatsu
  • Swedish Massage 
  • PLUS a one-time only complementary Holistic Nutrition session.  

ALL FOR $230

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