Good Life Acupuncture - & Holistic Therapies

Thermography Clinics 
using Digital Thermal Imaging/Thermography

NO-RADIATION Breast & Body Screening!  

We continue to offer radiation-free breast and body screenings.  Book early.  Walk-ins welcome – reservations recommended.   These clinics are offered four times per year (quarterly). 

Upcoming Clinics in 2019:
January 29th
April 2nd
July 23rd
October 1st  

Teen Calmness Clinic 
Tuesday, 11/20
7 - 8 PM

Breath work, guided meditation, art and shiatsu are just some of the things we do in this monthly workshop for anxious teens. Dress comfortably and bring a friend to this small gathering. 

Please sign up on line as space is very limited. $10. Don’t wait - these workshops fill up fast. 

Flu Is Not A Season!
Monday, 11/12, 7-8:30 PM

Some people hardly notice flu season. They NEVER seem to get sick, or even catch a common cold. The flu just bounces off of them, and onto others!  But for many people, they may be down and out for a week or longer - regardless if they’ve had this year’s flu shot or not! The flu can cause you to not only miss out on work and home life, but it can exacerbate underlying medical conditions such as asthma and autoimmune conditions.  

This FREE lecture will prepare you and have you ready to tackle flu symptoms from those very first “I think I might be getting sick” inklings!  Avoid a hostile flu takeover and even learn preventative  tips.  This lecture is filled with easy, pragmatic advice, tips and cures. 

Cheryl Wood, our certified homeopath specializes in pediatrics and family homeopathic medicine. She is available for private consultations.

Jump Start Your Weight Loss with Kim Roy
with our 6-Week Hypnosis Program 
$395 for a limited time only

Achieve and maintain your ideal weight for your body type utilizing hypnosis! Through healthy eating, speeding up your metabolism, and developing a positive self-image, you will obtain the body that is just right for you! Learn the correct foods and appropriate amounts required for healthy weight loss and proper maintenance of your body weight. This 6-week weight loss program shows you how to see your inner uniqueness, beauty, and strength. Your newfound self-acceptance and self-love will carry over into a wonderful and new positive attitude for life! 

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