Good Life Acupuncture - & Holistic Therapies
Top to Bottom Special
 3 sessions $100
or 1 session for $40

With Jill Chapman. 

Through June 30th. Each session begins with unlocking the tension in your neck, head and face then finishes with footwork. Each session 30 minutes.

$10 off any massage
June only


10% off Homeopathy Sessions through June 30th!

Good Life's House Blend
Hand Sanitizer
Our Hand Sanitizer is prepared in house by Kim Roy using all natural ingredients and the highest quality Doterra oils. Small batch preparation assures you a quality product!

Available for purchase at our front desk or ask your practitioner!


Sinus Rescue Kits are now available for sale atthe front desk!

Kits include: Nasopure vessel with saline packs, recipe for homemade replacement saline solution, 10-day supply of Chlorocaps capsules (detoxifying), Liquid Iodine drops (boost immune system), and protocol guidelines.Sinus Rescue Kits are available for adults and children. 

Price is just $30. All kits prepared by our holistic nutritional therapist, Cathy Sloan Gallagher.

Six-Week Weight Loss Hypnosis Program
With Kim Roy, Hypnotherapist
Through June 30th - $390

This program guides you through a process to achieve and maintain the ideal weight for your body type. Through healthy eating and developing a positive self-image, you will obtain the body that is just right for you.. You become more aware and attuned with your body. This six-week weight loss program shows you how to see your inner uniqueness, beauty, and strength. Your newfound self-acceptance and self-love will carry over into a wonderful and new positive attitude for life. 

Our Wellness Bundles can cause extreme joy and relaxation.

We've created wellness bundles for those of you who would like to save money while taking advantage of our many holistic offerings!  

Synergistic healing!  You can experience an accelerated healing process when combining multiple modalities as part of your health strategy. 

We've made it easy AND affordable!  We've bundled four of our most popular 1-hour sessions each of:

  • Reiki / Energy Healing
  • Relaxation Reflexology OR Amethyst
         Biomat Session
  • Shiatsu
  • Swedish Massage 
  • PLUS a one-time only complementary Holistic Nutrition session.  

ALL FOR $250

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