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Cheryl Wood, CCH, RS(Hom), C.HP

A Plymouth native, Cheryl has a BS from Bridgewater State University. She also has a 20 year career in the financial sector. When traditional medicine felt more like a band-aid and wasn’t getting to the root cause of her daughter’s recurring (chronic) ear infections, Cheryl started exploring homeopathic remedies and was amazed at the results. She had so many questions about this healing modality that homeopathy had become a passion. Cheryl followed her passion and pursued a formal education in homeopathy, graduating from Teleosis Homeopathic Collaborative, Inc. in 2013 and passing the national certification exam that same year. Cheryl recently received certification in Homeoprophylaxsis as well as Travel Homeoprophylaxsis. Being in existence for over 200 years and a first go-to healthcare choice across the world, homeopathy also compliments conventional medicine and works to resolve many ailments.  

In addition to pediatrics and families, Cheryl works collaboratively with mental health professionals to assist in reducing symptoms through homeopathy. Cheryl has long recommended homeopathic remedies to family and friends with success and her experience with clients has continued to bolster her beliefs in the many benefits of homeopathy.

Cheryl has 2 easily accessible locations in West and East Bridgewater. 

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