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Insight & Inspiration

Transcendent Heart Readings:

Through channeled information from the Higher Realms and angel and oracle cards, Channel of Light Readings bring you in direct contact with your own spiritual team, and you will receive clear answers, tools, and guidance in a supportive, loving energy that is always focused on your highest potential, healing, and expansion.

Spirits Knocking/Table Tipping for Healing and Expansion:

Table tipping is a time-honored tradition of physical mediumship that allows spirits to lovingly connect with us through the table. Loved ones, spirit guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, pets, and even those we have known from past lives have the opportunity to tap out their heartfelt messages of love and healing to us. Each participant has the opportunity to see-feel-experience spirit communication directly. The table can tap, flip, hug, spin, dance, stomp, and shimmy with the joy of communicating with us!

Soul Sketching/Merging Intuition & Art

Watch as a uniquely personalized watercolor collage of symbols is created especially for you based upon your soul’s journey through many lifetimes. You will simultaneously receive a channeled Soul Journey Reading, as your Spiritual Team interprets each image drawn in relation to you in your present life and your soul’s journey. Past lives, spirit and animal guides, and present and future potentials are revealed as your Soul Sketch takes form. Your original watercolor Soul Sketch is designed by Spirit as a talisman to aid in your soul’s growth and expansion.

Current Workshop Offerings:

  • Introduction to Angel Readings
  • Introduction to Crystal Healing
  • Introduction to Lemurian Crystal Healing
  • Tools for the Empath
  • Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner Training
  • Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor Training®
  • Basic Zentangle®
  • Zentangle® Expandable
  • Un-“Tangle” Your “Holidaze” with Zentangle®
  • Simply Zendala®
  • Introduction to Visual Journaling
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