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Testimonials ... satisfied clients are our best credential! Here's what people are saying:

Janet Cabrera, Lic.Ac., M.Ac.:

Laurie D., Lakeville, MA: "I found Janet after doing an internet search of area acupuncture therapists. After seeing two neurologists and trying more drugs with horrible side effects than I care to remember, I essentially opted for acupuncture out of sheer desperation ... Having suffered for three years with consistent and frequent migraines, I certainly wish I had contacted Janet MUCH sooner. Acupuncture has been my salvation! My migraines have been drastically reduced, I no longer need prescription medicines and as time has passed, I've cut back on my visits ..."

Casey D., Halifax, MA: "Janet has been a strong source of support, relaxation and comfort during my fertility treatments. I looked forward to our weekly acupuncture sessions where she consistently took data on where I was in my cycle, and tailored each treatment to maximize results. My IVF cycles yielded better results once I started acupuncture. Above all, Janet has been a wonderful support system to me throughout this journey and I highly recommend her and her services."

Norm F., Taunton, MA: "I've been going to Janet for several years for problems from acute pain to management of cerebral palsy and elimination of my asthma symptoms. She has proved time and time again the benefits of acupuncture that I find myself visiting her first for her holistic advice and treatment. In addition to an acupuncture plan she may include nutrition advice, herbal supplements, exercise advice, or advice on when a medical doctor should get involved. Her demonstrated knowledge and the end result of her treatment is why I continue to be a client and why I'll continue to recommend her to others."

Cathy B., Bridgewater, MA: "What I like most about my treatments with Janet is her compassion. From the first time I met with her, I sensed her ability to listen to what was really going on with me, to see "the whole picture". I feel this has allowed her to treat me so effectively. I have now referred my husband to her services since I felt he could benefit as well."

Suzanne M., Newton, MA: “In 2002, I suffered a crush injury after being run over by a SUV… I was told the ‘doctors were waiting to see if my leg lives or dies.’ In complete ... desperation to do whatever I could to save my leg, I went to see Janet Lee Cabrera for Acupuncture. Having never tried it, I went on blind faith that ... acupuncture could hopefully encourage my dead nerves to regenerate. To my team of doctors’ and my own astonishment, my nerves started to respond after only a few treatments. In the months that followed my nerves all grew back to nearly normal status. To this day I still use Acupuncture to control the neuropathy (a normal and painful side effect of crush injuries) and any other ailment such as common colds, back pain, headaches, fatigue that comes with daily living. I am extremely grateful to Janet’s expertise and TLC she has given me throughout the years and highly recommend her to anyone open to acupuncture!”

Jill Chapman:

Kelly P., Bridgewater, MA: I have been seeing Jill for almost 2 years now for Shiatsu and my results are always fantastic. Jill creates a calm, nurturing atmosphere, takes the time to really find out what it is that I'm looking to address during our session, and allows for any questions I may have.

Trish S., Bridgewater, MA: For me, it doesn’t get much better than a shiatsu date with Jill. A typical visit has Jill inquiring about my wellbeing and any current issues or changes in my body or life. The treatment itself is heaven. Regardless of my state of mind when I arrive I leave the session feeling rejuvenated and at peace.

Sue Eaton, Massage Therapist

Joan R., Canton, MA: I have been with Susan for 18 years. I am 95 years old and she is the reason I am still walking! My husband and I see her every week for an hour. My children also see Susan when they come to visit all the way from Europe. She is simply the best.

Janet C, Bridgewater, MA: I was struck as a pedestrian by a car several years ago. Sue is the primary reason that I no longer have chronic back pain and walk normally. I used to wake up in pain, and go to bed in pain, and had pain throughout the day. I see Sue regularly for maintenance - I am so grateful I found such a talented and gifted practitioner.

Cheryl Wood:

Dennis G., E. Bridgewater, MA: Cheryl is the greatest! In my early 30's I began having pain in my elbows that made working and working out very painful. Over the years I depended on anti inflammatory medications, rest and ice to get me through. The pain would improve but it would always return. Now, approaching 50, the pain had become so chronic I resigned myself to living this way. Then I met Cheryl. After going over my history she was able to provide a remedy that, in just a few days, had me working and working out PAIN FREE! Cheryl is a tremendous homeopath.

Theresa M., E. Bridgewater, MA: Cheryl is amazing. Does an amazing job with fact finding to find the right remedy for you. She was able to take my husband from debilitating knee pain to walking and back to work in a matter of days. She is working with my daughter on some attention and anxiety related issues. I was so impressed with the time she has spent really diving into her history to find the remedy that fits best. So glad to be working with her.

Noreen F., Stoughton, MA: After a long search to find an alternative treatment after being diagnosed with Graves disease, I found Cheryl and she has been absolutely fantastic! No question is too silly or symptom too small to discuss with Cheryl and she is very responsive. She's a phenomenal homeopath and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

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