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Amy Heffernan

Reiki Master

Intuitive Psychic / Reader

I live in Easton, MA with my husband and two bunnies. I have been a lifelong empath and intuitive, however after the sudden passing of a good friend in 2010, new spiritual gifts came to the forefront for me including channeling messages from passed loved ones, and heightened psychic abilities. 

 It was around this time that I embarked on my spiritual journey to learn more about myself and the gifts I had been blessed with. I began by following an interest in energy work and was attuned to Reiki. This significantly changed my life, as it greatly opened my channels to receiving more messages from Spirit to include Angels and Ascended Masters and guides. Reiki also taught me the power of working with crystals. I discovered I loved helping people by performing Reiki and by delivering messages received during a session. I immediately saw the potential healing benefits of connecting people to Spirit’s Light and messages from Angels or guides. This spurred me on to continue my journey through self-study and formal classes, to explore other spiritual and energic modalities. I was and still am excited to grow and learn more. Both to better understand myself and to best position myself to help others on their own journeys. While studying Akashic Records, I found MY soul’s path. To help others navigate the ups and downs of life and to guide people to understand their soul’s blueprint and life’s purpose. 

I believe that with an open mind and heart, understanding and healing is possible on all levels – body, mind, soul and spirit. Each session with a client (or their animal friend) is customized, based upon their needs and individual goals as well as guidance I receive from Spirit. My passion is to help clients speak their soul’s truth and encourage them to shine their sparkling light!



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