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Sue Eaton, MT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Sue is a a graduate of The Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts and a member of the A.M.T.A. with over 20 years of massage experience. "I simply love what I do! I started off in the medical field pursuing a nursing career. After my mother was ill, however, and I helped care for her at home with hospice, I felt a calling to do more hands-on work. Through the mentoring of my mother's hospice nurse, my life's work became massage therapy and other natural healing modalities." 

Sue's training and experience include deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal, Raindrop and geriatric massage therapies as well as Trigger Point muscular therapy, Chinese cupping, Ear Coning and Reiki. Sue has specific and extensive training in Oncology Massage Therapy. 

Over the years Sue has worked in a variety of settings: day spas, chiropractor office, yoga center, and assisted living facilities. All of this experience has broadened her knowledge, intuition and skill set over the years. Sue uses only organic massage lotions/products.

Sue lives locally and is the proud mother of three children. When she is not running them around town to their sporting events, she is happily at work at Good Life!

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